AeroMotion Canada is a privately owned Canadian aerospace company with 21 employees based in Montreal, Quebec, CANADA occupying a 17,500 sq-ft facility that together, have hundreds of years of aerospace experience in maintenance, repair and support and operation of aircraft powerplants and aircraft components.

With regards to a company profile, AeroMotion Canada is a federally chartered Canadian AMO and consulting firm that has the following mission:

AeroMotion Canada is committed to expertly repairing, maintaining and certifying our work on customer’s components, be them airlines, operators or other repair facilities. In addition, AeroMotion Canada will organize, assist and ensure that our Customer’s costs are always maintained at an absolute minimum. 100% customer satisfaction, to the point of delight, is our goal.


Our mission is twofold »

1. To supply competent, expert, efficient and responsive support to customers requiring engine or component repair.
2. To provide advice and/or act as an agent for airlines, operators, maintenance and overhaul facilities to minimize maintenance, repair or overhaul costs of engine or airframe components at the facility of your choice.