AeroMotion Canada is an AMO that specializes in repair and maintenance of PW100/150 and CF 34 engines, QEC and line maintenance components. We have Transport Canada authority to carry out inspection and repair of numerous components as well as general (Engine Maintenance Manual) non-specialized repairs. This includes the following :

  1. Inspection & certification customer supplied components & material.
  2. Repair and certification of supplied components & material.
  3. General tear-down of external QEC and line maintenance modules & components.
  4. General tear-down of engines or QEC for spares.
  5. Sale of customer supplied material on-consignment.
  6. Repair and certification of engine mount hardware.
  7. Repair of QEC or engine harnesses.
  8. Weld repair of SS, aluminum and Titanium components such as brackets, heat shields and firewalls.
  9. Painting
  10. Transport of engines using specialized equipment specifically designed for engine transport.